1. theitalianflair:

    Inner DB button left unbuttoned for a drape effect

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  2. toquote:

    Interview today for the release of Eton x Eidos Napoli collection. Sebastian Dollinger and Antonio Ciongoli are two of the most inspiring persons I’ve ever met. Full interview will be up later this week.

    Don’t miss the full collection tomorrow at Etons flagship store in Stockholm!

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  4. voxsart:

    Sean Connery.


  5. gezzasmenswear:

    Some colour for a grey day (and a grey suit!). The tie is a beautiful dark turquoise small madder paisley print from Vanda FIne Clothing.

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  8. carolinastyle:

    Bruce Boyer via The Armoury HK’s instagram

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  9. roseandborn:

    Classic blue this monday
    #roseandborn (på/i Rose & Born)

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  10. carolinastyle:

    Alan See has the blues via The Armoury HK’s instagram

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  11. Black Banded

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  12. Vass 

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  13. dressedinstyle:

    Valentino Ricci from Sciamat.

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  14. pictoturo:

    Suede Vass Oxford shoes

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  15. dirnelli:

    Want Eidos Napoli, as spotted at Pitti 86.

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