1. bespoke-makers:

    Produce & Direction / Masato Kawai
    Photograph / Naoto Ohkawa

  3. agnelli-esque:

    source: sartoriascavelli

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  4. djsnaps:

    Green ensemble:

    - Jacket Pal Zileri Green Label (woo/silk/linen
    - Turtleneck Borrelli Luxury Vintage (wool/cashmere)
    - Scarf Pal Zileri (pure cashmere)
    - Pocketsquare Pal Zileri (pure silk)

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  5. newsprezzatura:


    Cantarelli chesterfield coat 

    New Sprezzatura

  6. skabo:

    Corneliani jacket & shirt, Borrelli tie and Eleventy PS…

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  7. dresslikea:






    Seems that time for (grey) flannel is here again. Pretty often my weeks are scheduled so that most of meetings are placed in the beginning of the week, i.e most of Mondays I go with a full suit and yesterday made no exception.

    Suit featuring Vitale Barberis flannel is

    The small miracle of VBC Flannels

  8. paul-lux:

    New Kingston Fashion suit

    Luxire shirt

    Boivin tie

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  9. whclfvkf1:


    항상 맞이 할 준비가 되어있습니다.
    어여들 오셔요.

  10. drakes-diary:

    Our Creative Director, MH, outside No.3 Haberdasher Street in a lightweight SS15 scarf and shoestring pocket square, Ring Jacket Blackwatch jacket from The Armoury, Cleeve of London chambray shirt and Alden PTB’s.

    Shirt and shoes available at No.3 Clifford Street.

    red hair dos - dark blues, dark greens

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  11. maninpink:

    Perfect Combination

    The odd vest

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  12. sartoriaripense:

    #cipensoepoitidico #sartoriaripense #ripense #andrealuparelli #trunkshow #moscow #fattoamano #bespoke (presso Уголёк)

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  13. heinfienbrot:

    Bernhard Roetzel.

  14. heinfienbrot:

    Oscar de la Renta has died aged 82.

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  15. completewealth:

    File under: Pea coats, Layers


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