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    Details… By @mrcedricb || MNSWR style inspiration || www.MNSWR.com

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  4. pjdandy23:

    Tailoring, the Neapolitan Way (par valetmagazine)


  5. rhythmshaker:

    Never a man to be called a wall flower, head boy Dean Swift gets in touch with his favorite clothing company and gets an exclusive interview for College no.9.



    Lets face it, everyone loves luxury, who doesn’t want to wear hand made, well cut clothes in fantastic cloths? If your…

  6. italian-journey:

    Rubinacci SC
    T&A shirt
    Sozzi tie
    Charvet PS

    Toying with tilt shift…

  8. mydayshoes:

    Shoes of the day - Alfred Sargent

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  9. amarezzahi:

    TYE Shoemaker

    Thanks to NutCracker, THE japanese bespoke expert.

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  10. bntailor:

    Summer Double-Breasted Suit by B&TAILOR in Eurotex cool wool

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  11. paul-lux:

    Liverano sport coat

    Luxire fresco trousers

    Kiton shirt

    Charvet tie

    Drake’s PS

    Carmina shoes


  12. ivorytowerstyle:

    20. It’s ok, I’m going to lose 10 pounds.

    19. This looks great. I can’t wait to have a cheaper tailor copy it.

    18. Why is there a discount for cash?

    17. Is there an upcharge for a three-breasted suit?

    16. Don’t worry, it’s ok, I read Fred Astaire did this to all his new suits.

    15. You really…

  13. lnsee:

    Ring Jacket at the Armoury 2014 f/w

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  14. jfitzpatrickfootwear:

    Great shot of @eddielamch in his pair of Tony II’s in antique brown.

    #jfitzpatrick #jfitzpatrickfootwear #wholecuts #wholecutoxfords #brownshoes #dressshoes #mensshoes #mensstyle #menswear #mensfashion #fashion #styleformen #style #shoes #shoesnob #shoestagram #shoestyle #theshoesnobblog #theshoesnob

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    Exquisite Jacket - Kenjiro Suzuki

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