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    Inspiration | Ties | Wear It Weird

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    Anderson & Sheppard’s legendary tailor retiring after more than 50 years. Written by his son, Steven Hitchcock on August 28, 2014…on John’s birthday.

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    Scarpe di Bianco

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    Le goût des souliers : Gaziano & Girling…

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    Keep your wardrobe pressed & ready to wear with our versatile suit bag. http://bit.ly/1jE5HAK

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    American Dudes.

    Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart.

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    Salvador Dali, 1933 by Brassaï

    his own style

  10. Viola Milano “Grass” seven-fold untipped cashmere tie & handrolled “Sea Pattern” pocket square

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    Robert Wagner and Fred Astaire.

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    OHMSS Prince of Wales

    Three things that I love in this movie: George Lazenby’s suits, the set locations and, of course, Diana Rigg.

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    Cary Grant

    Notice that all four buttons on the cuff remain buttoned…In the world of elegance—quality is assumed, so no need to demonstrate that your cuff buttons work.

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    Мало кто знает, что монки с двумя пряжками изобрели сапожники John Lobb в 1944 году. 

    Translation: Few people know that the Monk with two buckles was invented by shoemaker John Lobb in 1944.